I am eighteen-years-old and graduated high school with a General Studies Associates Degree in May 2017. I live in Illinois near St. Louis, MO. I currently work at my local Walmart and I am open to writing and crochet commissions. In my spare time I enjoy a variety of creative endeavors including playing piano and saxophone, writing short stories, my novel-in-progress, or poetry, and various needlework projects such as crochet, knitting, and cross-stitch. I’m also a regular contributor and co-founder on the blog Over the Invisible Wall: An Adventure in Soliloquies. This October I started Praxis and will likely be relocating in April. An interesting fact about me: on the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality test, I am an INTX. (You can read a brief description of INTPs here and a brief description of INTJs can be found here.)
My LinkedIn profile can be found here. My résumé can be found here.
I have a public Facebook page, Twitter, and you can hang out with me on Discord.

To get started, I recommend checking out my blog, portfolio, and my core posts, or by messaging me with the contact form below.

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