Published Work


Inside a Writer’s Head, a poetry collection about all things writing. I cover topics such as writer’s block, goals, experimentation, and more! There’s an even mixture of serious and humorous in this collection.

The ebook will be available for purchase in November and the physical copy will be available in December. I will have a few exclusive signed copies available. If you are interested in that, contact me at as soon as possible to secure your copy of the collection!


The pieces I have written for Over the Invisible Wall:

The Handsome Her: Flirting with Inequality

Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life: What do People Believe?

Lessons on Dating: Positive Christian Influence

Racial Inequality, William Blake, and a Biblical Perspective

Panem vs the US: Could Fiction Become Reality?

“The Second-Act Industry,” a Response

Depression and Anxiety: My Story

Aurora Leigh and “My Last Duchess”: Women’s Rights


In July and August, two historical pieces I wrote were published in the Milstadt News magazine.

I have one article on Medium: Tailored Education

I also answer questions on Quora.