“If Projects Were Children” (Poem)

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It’s been a while

since I sat and wrote,

I got distracted

By all I’d spoke

and all else I was

involved in.

I neglected this writing

in favor of

my other offered flavors,

And projects more complete.

Not that it was wrong,

but if my art were

my child, I’d be in deep trouble.

I’m lucky my projects

are not literally my children,

for I have too many

to properly care

For them all.

Life is What You Make It (4)

I frequently think about my life, what I want to accomplish, what I’ve done so far, and how long I have to do everything I dream of. This is a series featuring things I’ve written about such things, both poetry and prose.

This is based on the prompt “Ghostwriter” from Think Written.

“Art is for the Living”

10 October 2018

Hello, dear writer,

my long-lost friend.

How are you today,

How’s life on your end?

It’s a bit boring here,

there’s not much to do,

so I thought I’d visit

a fellow writer,

like you.

Please don’t run away

or yell out in fear,

I mean you no harm,

I just want

a listening ear.

I know it’s strange,

hearing from beyond the grave,

But we’re just regular folk,

like you, save

The fact we’re now dead.

But your a writer,

so you must understand,

things are different

Than we may expect or plan.

Have a good day,

Dear writer,

savor your time,

explore your ideas

Before you can’t,

at least in life.

For what good are

the ramblings

of a dead writer

when art is for the living?

Poetry Prompts: “Cold Showers”

This was written and posted at 11:44 pm on September 17th.

If you have any suggestions for poetry topics or writing prompts that struck your fancy, share them in the comments!

The prompt, taken from Think Written, was “cold water.”




Curling toes,

Rubbing arms,


The water runs

over me like rain,

and it feels like rain,

it will not warm,

it’s all used up,

my shower’s

forcibly cold.

“Only” (Poem)

This poem is from today.

The time goes on,


when I’m here with you.

We can do most anything,

it’s always fun

with you.

But when our time

comes to an end,

it all feels much too short.

We had a whole day

but it felt as


an hour or two.

“Latex Lingers” (Poem)

My hands stink

Of latex.

I filled balloon

After balloon

At customers’ requests.

My hands smell

Of latex.

I washed to no avail,

Lathered my hands

To try to veil

The lingering stench

Of latex.

I felt dizzy

From accidentally

Inhaling helium,

“Getting high off helium,”


I wasn’t concerned


My hands


Of Latex.

“Into the Future” (Poem)

This was written 16 August 2018. It’s about my most recent post for Over the Invisible Wall.

I need a break

From the hard words

I’m writing

The painful memories

I’m recalling

I cannot and should not forget

But I remember

So clearly

The pain I was in

The pain which

Inspired so many poems

That now hurt to read

I understand depression

And wish I did not

But I can’t change the past

I can only continue

Into the future.

“Coming Out” (Poem)

I recently came out as atheist on this blog. This is a poem I wrote on 15 August 2018 thinking about telling everyone.

How will everyone react

when I admit I’ve been

living a lie

And pretending to believe as they do?

I don’t and I haven’t,

but it’s scary regardless.

No matter how long

it’s been since I agreed,

it’s daunting

To publicize that

not just to those I care about

But everyone

I’ll ever meet

will know of my beliefs.